4 Things You Didn’t Know About Bruce Banner

Dr. Bruce Banner is a successful scientist living in Los Angeles in the 1980’s when he discovers that he transforms into a different person when he’s angry.

Bruce Banner Mark Ruffalo The Hulk

The person he turns into has the talents of an oscar-winning Hollywood actor; and becomes Banner’s alter-ego for the rest of his life. He named him Mark Ruffalo. To put his skills to use, Bruce joined Hollywood as Mark and started his career as an actor.

Banner transforming to Mark Ruffalo

Bruce Banner transforming into Mark Ruffalo.

1. Bruce Got Kidnapped.

In 1984, Bruce Banner got jumped by two guys on his way to the post office. These guys, who worked for a perfume company, had been out looking for good-smelling people to turn into perfume. (Dr. Banner smelled wonderful back then.)  This is when he turned into Mark Ruffalo for the very first time.

Mark, being a talented actor, started to cry like an infant and faked a nosebleed, which confused the kidnappers. They eventually let him go.

Bruce Banner Mark Ruffalo The Hulk 2

He is seen crying, with a bloody nose, as they carry him to put in to their car.

Bruce Banner, Mark Ruffalo, The Hulk 3

A stranger who was taking photos of the car captured this incident by accident.

An interesting side story: This stranger grew up to become a very popular YouTuber who now goes by the name of Shmee150. His YouTube channel is full of expensive cars he films around London.

Bruce Banner Mark Ruffalo The Hulk 4

Shmee poses in a stranger’s garage full of sports cars he snuck into. He has switched their license plates with ones of his. (From the YouTube series Late Night Adventures of Shmee.)

2. Mark Lost a Bet to Liam Hemsworth.

Mark bet Liam that he could steal the huge Oscar award at the entrance to the 2018 Oscars. This was not an actual award but a life-size statue of Mr. Oscar himself. It was there as decoration.

Obviously, Mark got stopped by security almost immediately after he grabbed it.

He had to get tattoos on both sides of his face because he lost the bet. He hid them from the public eye until the bet expired and he got them erased.

Filled with embarrassment, Mark covers his face with his hands at a public event.

Liam teases Mark about his past defeat at a red carpet auction later that year, Mark’s face filled with regret.

3. Hit the Mark.

As you probably know, there’s a running joke of throwing fruits and vegetables at Dr. Banner at public events. Although nobody is aware of its origins, we can guess it has to do with him playing the character of a green monster in a popular movie series. While being funny, this gag has now come too far.

At first, Mark was a good sport about it and played along.

Mark laughs off an olive thrown at his head by a fan at a green energy protest in 2014.

Mark tries to catch a grape in his mouth at the 2015 Blurred Backdrop Summit.

Mark accidentally swallows a whole yellow cherry-tomato a fan threw straight into his mouth.

This happened during his speech at the 2016 Cardboard Taxidermy Awards.

Next morning, Mark posted this photo on his Instagram after successfully pooping it out.

Mark raises his hand to catch a potato at the 2016 Oscars.

But it was when fans moved on to bigger fruits that things started to get out of hand (quite literally).

At the same event, Mark anticipates a giant pumpkin thrown at him. He missed it.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Bruce Banner

Mark waits for a fan to throw a gigantic watermelon at him from the top floor of a hotel in China in 2018.

He was starting to get tired of this joke by then.

Mark talks to the media about the sizes of the fruits and vegetables launched at him by fans. Reporters think it’s hilarious.

In 2018 in Switzerland, Mark and his friends caught a porcelain pot thrown at him by a fan who didn’t quite get the joke. His friends found it amusing but Mark was pissed.

Mark bites his lip with a spiteful grin, contemplating about throwing it back at the person. He didn’t. He’s kind.

4. Dr. Banner, the Genius.

When he’s not Mark Ruffalo, Bruce likes to make cool inventions, embracing the science nerd inside him.

This robotic pet butterfly is such an invention. It’s made using only a soda can tab and Bruce is very proud of it. It doesn’t fly or move or make a sound. Or look like a butterfly.

Jokes Aside…

We all know Mark Ruffalo to be a cool down-to-earth guy. And he really is. He genuinely supports clean energy projects and deserves huge credit for it. Keep doing what you’re doing. We love you!

And Tim (Shmee150) is an awesome wholesome YouTuber with a great passion for supercars. Stay classy!

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